Interest vs. Commitment


When it comes to being successful in swimming—whatever “success” means in your specific case—do you find yourself committed to that success, or more so interested by the thought of it?

Here is what I mean:

An interested swimmer works hard when it suits them. A committed swimmer works hard at every opportunity.
An interested swimmer dreams and talks about the cool stuff they’d like to do in the water. A committed swimmer puts immediate action to the things they want to do.
An interested swimmer listens to their coach when given instruction. A committed swimmer applies the instruction practice and practice.
An interested swimmer doesn’t have a hard time finding an excuse for not doing what is necessary. A committed swimmer doesn’t have a hard time finding a way through to doing what they need to do.
An interested swimmer loves the idea of being successful. A committed swimmer loves the process of becoming successful.
If you are holding back from going all-out and all-in with your swimming, I invite you to ask yourself why.

What is it that is keeping you from going all-out in the pool?
If you are waiting for the right circumstances— than I have some rather lame news…

You’re going to be waiting a very, very long time.

The only way to get moving, to hurtle yourself down the path towards the bright, shiny things you want to achieve in the pool, is to look past the self-inflicted reasons for why today isn’t a good enough day to go all-out.

Our time in the pool (and on this planet) is short.

Don’t be afraid to give it the all-out effort it deserves.